Is the integrated cooker just for fume extraction? No!

2016-12-15 09:55
Most people think that the hood is to absorb the fumes when cooking.
Therefore, they only open the range hood when cooking.
When burning water, porridge, and soup, no fumes are produced.
Many people don't open the range hood, which is wrong.
After 2 gas stoves has burned for half an hour,
The concentration of carbon monoxide in the kitchen will reach 100 mg/m3.
It is 10 times the national standard, and it also emits harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides.
What, are you afraid to forget it?
Indeed, in ordinary life, we often forget it
It may be remembered when the fumes are produced.
It is possible that no cooking fumes were produced during the cooking process and they were not aware of it.
Is the integrated cooker just for fume extraction? No!
Lang integrated cooker humanized fume and cooker linkage function,
After the ignition, the hood is automatically turned on.
Avoid the dilemma of forgetting to open the hood when cooking,
Automatically close after the fire is turned off.
The smoking chamber will automatically close after the exhaustion of the remaining fume.
Avoid the phenomenon of residual smoke,
Really guarantee that the kitchen has no fumes.
Is the integrated cooker just for fume extraction? No!
Integrated cooker is
The utility model relates to a kitchen appliance which integrates various functions such as a range hood, a gas stove, a disinfection cabinet and a storage cabinet.
It has the advantages of space saving, good effect of fume extraction, energy saving and low consumption and environmental protection.
The integrated cooker is the perfect replacement for the traditional three-piece suit.
The fume absorption rate of 95% is called integrated cooker.
Is the integrated cooker just for fume extraction? No!
LANG Integrated Cooker have been tested by authoritative organizations to detect fume absorption rate as high as 99.96%.
Is the defender of the family?
Protect the kitchen environment and ensure the health of your family.
LANG Integrated Cooker complete machine with real material
Fine workmanship, attention to detail
Multinational design team, cutting-edge design concept,
Cast the perfect product.

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