Knowledge: a must-have for future homes, a comprehensive understanding of integrated cooker

2015-06-01 10:19
Nowadays, there is nothing more popular on the Internet than home appliance. Many e-commerce companies are hoping to share a piece of the smart home industry, so what is it? Everyone knows that many of the current apartment types are small-sized, so home storage are well received by everyone, but for the kitchen, everyone is more troubled, because hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, etc., but indispensable, so many people now prefer to integrate environmentally friendly cooker, then what is the integration of environmental protection cooker, what are the advantages and disadvantages of integrated cooker?

LANG Integrated Cooker take everyone to understand:

What is an integrated environmentally friendly stove?
Integrated cooker, also known as environmental protection stove or integrated cooker in the industry. Integrated cooker is a kitchen appliance that integrates various functions such as range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet and storage cabinet, which saves space and absorb fume. It’s good effect, energy saving, low consumption and environmental protection. The general integrated cooker has a absorb fume rate of 95%! With the national laboratory certification, the X7 absorption rate reaches 99.95%. The integrated cooker is favored by more and more consumers with excellent fume absorption rate and continuous upgrading of integrated cooker technology.

Working principle of integrated cooker:

The integrated cooker adopts the principle of micro-aerodynamics, which adopts the principle of generating suction negative pressure zone by upper side suction or deep well side suction and lower exhaust air, so that the fume magical suction down, and no longer sees the fume rising everywhere. The rate of fume removal is over 95%. The integrated cooker is an internationally leading kitchen appliance product developed to solve the problem that the existing range hood can not completely eradicate the fume, improve the kitchen and the home environment, and the product will be organic, such as a hood, a cooker, a disinfection cabinet, a basket, and a seasoning basket. The combination of the complete eradication of kitchen fumes has completely destroyed the last contaminated fortress in the house, and its advent will have a profound impact on the Chinese kitchen featuring the fire.

The main style of integrated environmental protection stove:

The first type is deep well type. As the name says, the pot rack is recessed. The pot is placed inside, and the fume is sucked in at the edge of the pot, and the effect of pumping off the fume is achieved by the closest distance. The deep well integrated environmental protection stove is the first generation of integrated environmental protection stove.
The second type is the side suction type. This type adopts the side suction method, and the fume passes through the side oil purifier, thereby the effect of separating the fume and sucking in the fume. The side suction integrated environmental protection stove is the second generation of integrated environmental protection stove, which solves the problems of safety and energy saving compared the first generation integrated cooker products.
The third type is the three-faced series. The left side of the right side can be absorbed on three sides to prevent the wind from wearing the cuffs. However, there is a disorder in the airflow on the stove surface, which affects the fume exhaust effect. The integrated cooker on the market has three sides of smoking. Not much.
The fourth type is the side suction modular integrated cooker, which is the most advanced and scientific design structure of the integrated cooker. The ranger hood, stove and disinfection cabinet are completely independent design, but they are cleverly integrated. The space utilization in kitchen has been greatly improved, and the problems of safety, energy saving, installation, after-sales, cleaning and maintenance of the first and second generation products that have been plagued by the integrated cooker industry for many years have been solved.

Advantages and disadvantages of integrating environmentally friendly stoves:

First, the advantages of integrated environmental protection stove
Mainly relative to the traditional three-piece (range hood, stove, disinfection cabinet), the integrated cooker fume does not pass through the human face, the fume removal rate is basically above 95%, saving space, will not meet It does not drip oil, oil leakage, and the design is more ergonomic.
(1) Integrated and innovative design. The functions of the range hood, the gas stove, the disinfection cabinet, the storage cabinet, the microcrystalline stove, the induction cooker are perfectly integrated, and the unique combined and high-efficiency range hood effect is realized, and the functions are maximized. Fully automated intelligent control truly realizes the requirements of people to pursue green and environment friendly high-end kitchen appliances.
(2) Modern control system. Intelligent control, the gas stove, range hood, disinfection cabinet, etc. are organically combined according to people's usual use mode, and the microcomputer control operation is simple and convenient.
(3) Really achieve low noise. The lower exhaust design eliminates noise sources placed on the human head, using ultra-low, noise technology and quiet air duct design techniques for low noise.
(4) Super high fume absorption rate. The fume absorption rate is more than 99%. It is innovative to use the principle of micro-aerodynamics to isolate the pollution source and the external environment in two directions. The fume and vapor can be diffused without affecting the operation line of sight and without the human respiratory route. Before being effectively excluded, the fried peppers will not smell a bit, and give you a clean and clean kitchen environment.
(5) Maximize space saving resources. The eco-friendly stove all in one is a lower-row design, which saves the space of the traditional wall-mounted range hood above. The eco-friendly kitchen cabinet is integrated, and the degree of freedom of decoration is high. It provides more for the Nakajima-style, open-plan modern kitchen. More space.
(6) Comprehensive upgrade of security performance. The flameout automatically cuts off the gas source, the electric leakage automatically cuts off the power supply, automatically detects the air leakage, the odor gas exceeds the standard automatically sucks the discharge, and the time reminder function, because of the deep well type manufacturing structure, can play a safety protection role in the use process, and the safety guarantee coefficient is high.
(7) Health and pollution free. Using the principle of micro-aerodynamics, the side draws down the exhaust and creates a negative pressure zone, so that the fume magically moves downstream, and the fumes do not enter the human face, thus eliminating the factors affecting health.
(8) Green and environmental protection. Due to the side suction and lower row technology, the fume exhausting effect is above 99%. When cooking, the fume is not fumed, the vapor will not spread, the room will not cause fume pollution, and it has the effect of environmental protection.
Second, the shortcomings of integrated environmental protection stove
1. The integrated environmental protection stoves in the lower row of the deep well subvert the traditional design. The concept of integration and environmental protection advocated is very moving, but the weaknesses of the company itself have not been solved. For example, cleaning is difficult, the fume cannot be effectively separated, the cooking efficiency is low, and the product is easy to accumulate. Oil, pot type is limited, can not do high temperature antivirus and so on.
(1) Some brands of integrated cooker, there is a problem that it is not convenient to repair once quality problems occur. For the cleaning of the integrated cooker, some products have been very convenient, but some brands are difficult to sanitize and accumulate in the flat bottom oil collecting plate. It is extremely difficult to clean the seasoning powder, vegetable chips and sewage formed around the cooker and the shaft.
(2) Some brands of integrated cooker, the flames are close to the suction port, easy to inhale the inner cavity and thus have potential safety hazards; some products already have the function of a firewall.
(3) The biggest disadvantage of the integrated cooker in the lower row of deep wells is that the wok is cooked in a plate, the bowl is served in a dish, the seasoning is washed in the pot, the oil is fried, the dish is cut, and the soup is easily splashed around the stove.
(4) Some deep-well cookers seem to save energy at first sight. In fact, the smoke machine takes a lot of heat while inhaling, which wastes energy. Some people have done experiments: it takes 7 minutes to boil a pot of water when the machine is opened. When the hood is boiled, it takes only 4 minutes to boil a pot of water; some integrated cooker has improved the amount of intake air through design calculations, and there is no problem of gas consumption.
2, side suction and the bottom of the integrated environmental protection stove is easy to clean but need to be cleaned every day, otherwise the oil smoke purifier in a few days, looks very dirty. The noise problem, because the turbine wants to absorb the fumes below, it will increase the power and noise.
The integrated environmental protection stoves vary in weight according to the materials they use, and the weight of products produced by general raw materials is heavier. The biggest disadvantage of integrated cooker is that they involve too many industries (integrated cabinets, traditional kitchen appliances) so they are crowded out and difficult to promote. So, if you want to do well, you must spend a lot of time!
Knowledge: a must-have for future homes, a comprehensive understanding of integrated cooker

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